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When I was about 8 years old, I met the computer. Everything was so interesting at that time, I could draw pictures and play games on it.

For some reason, I didn't meet the Internet until high school. In the virtual network, I met some friends, although most of whom have no contact now, I knew that the Internet is becoming another way to contact the world at that time.

Later, I went to college and began to contact the Internet more frequently for learning materials, my favorite movies, and music only by CD before. Anytime, anywhere, most of the needs can be met. At that time, introverted me began to like this way of understanding the world more and more.

After graduation, I entered the game industry. The free videos, documentation, tools, and plug-ins recorded by many people who are willing to share their experiences on the Internet have improved my work skills a lot. So since then, I have sincerely thanked those who are willing to share knowledge and tools for free. It was also from that time that I came up with the idea of doing something free to give back to the Internet. So the idea was born to create FreePoly, a website to share PBR game assets for free.

Of course, it took three years from idea to realization. I am committed to running this project all the time. So in the past three years, I have been thinking about related issues, including the establishment of a series of websites. But these are not the most difficult. At present, I am responsible for the operation and asset production of the website. The cost of website operation and resource storage and giving up your rest time to make these assets maybe just a thankless thing in the eyes of people. It wastes time and money and maybe sold by people. In the face of these, whether I can stick to it or not is the most difficult, which I will hesitate when I think about.

One day, I saw a passage from Aaron Swartz:


"You know,there's sort of these two polarizing perspectives,everything is great,the internet has created all this freedom and liberty,and which one will win win out in the long run is up to us.or everything is terrible,the internet has created all these tools for cracking down and spying,The Internet has done both,and both are kind of amazing and astonishing Itdoesn't make sense to say,''Oh,one is doing better than the other.''You know,because the're both there,and they're both always going to be there.And it's up to us which ones we emphasize and which ones we take advantage of."

I can't control how many people use the Internet to resell resources, but many people are willing to share their knowledge, insights, and ways of understanding the world for free with being resold. As Aaron Swartz says, the Internet is good and bad, and it will always be. For these, I hope I can use the Internet to do something good, just like the initial idea-to give back the help that has been given to me on the Internet.

These are my long-term mental journey, of course, just the tip of the iceberg. Many people share their opinions and implement for free. We don't know each other, but it is because of the network that we know what each other wants to do and what they are doing that is rare and valuable. I am grateful to these friends who have never met each other for benefiting me a lot with their actions.

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