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About Me

Hi guys, welcome to my home!

I'm from China and now dwelling in Shenzhen.

I was fond of drawing when I was a young child. My parents noticed that and sent me to some painting tutorial classes.

It was my first time that had access to the computer at the age of ten.

I sometimes played computer in my father's office and found that drawing was available on the computer with the drawing tools.

I still remember the excitement of drawing fantastic things with the help of computer at the time.

I have no idea of​​ CG until I was admitted by an art academy in my nineteen.

During the process of learning professional skills from professors, I realized that I was totally obsessed with CG.

Then I spent years learning, imitating and creating CG works. But I still have a long way to go.

Since there's no limit to learning and there's always someone better.

Humble is indispensable in our lives.

My computers are my friends and I love them.

They bring me endless warm and joy.

Their types are Alienware Aurora R5 (I7-6700K, GTX1070-8G, 32GB RAM) And AMD 3900X (12, 24), 2080TI, 128GB RAM

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