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Homeward Journey

I went on a long trip some time ago. I returned to my hometown for a while and then went to Hong Kong. My thoughts were turbulent. Maybe I could get some answers during the trip.

It has already entered autumn in my hometown, and the temperature difference between morning and evening is quite large. Maybe I have stayed in Shenzhen for too long, and I have not experienced such cool and chilly temperatures for a long time. I went near the old train station in May. I started scanning and shooting, and almost half a year later I came here again. It seemed like everything had changed, and yet it seemed like nothing had changed. We were always lost and confused in the constant repetition, and finally we were relieved again, and the cycle continued.

Hong Kong is still the same. It seems that time there is much slower than here, and many things will not change much for a long time.

The contract for the house has expired and I have to move to a new place. I seem to have gotten used to this rhythm and move on.

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