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Freepoly HDRI Is Now!

Updated: Jul 31, 2023

Freepoly is a free and open public asset library. It has started to provide HDRI assets for free download, and it is still shot and produced by me.

The production and shooting of assets will basically be carried out in the city. Because of the epidemic, it is difficult for me to go to some remote outdoors to shoot. In addition to work and Freepoly model production, I try to ensure that the HDRI shooting requirements are sufficient Use, can use the attitude to make trade-offs.

At present, the tool I use is Theta z1 panoramic shooting camera instead of SLR camera,

  • Because of cost control, the funding of the website has not yet reached the point where it can maintain operating costs and purchase tools, so I bought a second-hand Theta Z1 equipment, which cost about 4,000 yuan.

  • Because the portability and ease of use of shooting also adhere to the principle of being able to use enough, it is much easier and more convenient to shoot HDRI assets produced by using this device and post-adjustment compared with SLR cameras (Theta Z1 supports 7K RAW format).

Of course, in terms of effect, there will still be a gap with SLR cameras, but as I said before, my goal is to be able to use enough. Although there is a gap, it will definitely not be visible to the naked eye. If there is a gap, it will not be too late to replace the shooting equipment after the funding of the website gradually increases in the later stage.

The online HDRI assets have EXR and JPEG formats, 7K, 4K, 2K, and 1K resolutions for download.

This is the effect used in Blender, and the dynamic transition effect of light and dark is clearly visible.

If a SLR camera is a universal tool, then this Theta Z1 can still produce good results in a suitable scene.

Afterwards, I will keep updating for a week to provide good asset file downloads, thank you for watching.

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