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Freepoly PRO

Freepoly has been updated for free for 2 years. Sometimes maintaining a good idea requires enough investment, such as time, energy, and money.

Freepoly wants to create more high-quality assets and share them with everyone for free. Who doesn’t like free things? But in order to ensure enough focus to produce higher-quality assets to meet higher-demand artists, Freepoly launched the Pro asset library. The website will still continue to share free assets, but it will also produce some higher-quality assets to fill it. Pro asset library.

The Pro asset library will provide high-quality models at this stage, and more possibilities will be added later based on situations and ideas. All assets are produced in strict accordance with the PBR process to adapt to future industry development and computer hardware iterations.

If you have needs, please subscribe to support my creation and let Freepoly go further!

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found your site looking for a file cabinet model, fantastic work.

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