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Freepoly has been established for one year, and a total of 62 model assets have been updated in this year. I never thought it could last for such a long time. If there is the first anniversary, there will be a second and a third.

Youtube channel has nearly 250 followers, which has exceeded my expectations. In the middle of the year, I updated one asset a week to continuously expand the high-quality asset library. In the next year, I will expand the direction of Freepoly from the following two aspects.

  • Start making HDRI textures from next month and continue to provide them for free

  • Targeted, draw up an environment (type, western, retro office, etc.) to make the corresponding model

  • Make some decals such as character icons and provide them for free

Thus making Freepoly a complete free public and useful asset library to help more artists. In my work and Freepoly, I need to find a balance and maintain enough energy so that I can produce satisfactory things more effectively and continuously.

Everything is starting, I feel a kind of creativity that I have never had before, if you think what I do is meaningful, you can post it at Here give me some financial assistance (network bandwidth, machine investment), or share Freepoly with your friends.

Thank you very much!

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